Biggest mistakes made by Job Seekers

Biggest mistakes made by Job Seekers

December 1, 2023 0 Comments

Job seekers, despite their best intentions, often make common mistakes that can impact their chances of securing a job.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes:


  1. Generic CVs and Cover Letters:

   – Mistake: Sending the same CV and cover letter to multiple employers.

   – Impact: It shows a lack of effort and customisation for the specific job.


  1. No research being done about the potential Employer:

   – Mistake: Not researching the company before an interview.

   – Impact: It indicates a lack of genuine interest and preparedness.


  1. Overlooking Networking (Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp groups):

   – Mistake: Relying solely on online job applications.

   – Impact: Networking is crucial; it helps in learning about hidden job opportunities.


  1. Ignoring Online Presence:

   – Mistake: Having a negative or absent online presence.

   – Impact: Employers often check online profiles. A negative image can harm your prospects to secure a job interview.


  1. Inadequate Interview Preparation:

   – Mistake: Going into an interview unprepared.

   – Impact: Lack of preparation can lead to stumbling over answers or being unable to articulate strengths.


  1. Failing to Follow Up:

   – Mistake: Not sending a thank-you email / message after an interview.

   – Impact: It’s a missed opportunity to express gratitude and reiterate interest.


  1. Misjudging Salary Negotiation:

   – Mistake: Discussing salary too early or not negotiating at all.

   – Impact: It can create awkwardness or lead to accepting an offer that doesn’t align with expectations.


  1. Overlooking Soft Skills:

   – Mistake: Focusing only on hard skills (for example: speaking foreign languages, programming, accounting skills or marketing).

   – Impact: Soft skills (for example: creativity, empathy, communication and teamwork) are equally important and often sought by employers.


  1. Being Impersonal:

   – Mistake: Not addressing interviewers by name or being overly formal.

   – Impact: It may convey a lack of interpersonal skills.


Remember, job seeking is a dynamic process, and learning from mistakes is crucial for improvement. Continuous refinement of approach and staying adaptable are key factors in a successful job search.