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Not Getting Along with Your Boss?

April 25, 2024 0 Comments

Maybe you started a new job, or perhaps a new manager was appointed, and you just don’t feel like you are getting along with him or her; it can be very frustrating, we get it.  Here is some advice you can follow to get along with your boss. 

  1. Don’t take it personally

Does it sometimes just feel like your boss doesn’t like you?  Don’t worry, this happens more often that you think.  Have a look at how they treat everyone else?  Maybe they are not particularly warm; in that case focus on the feedback you get on your performance rather than taking it personally if they are not overly friendly.  Remember most people in managerial positions are overworked and stressed out so try and put yourself in their position and do your best.  Your boss will notice that and give you recognition where its due.

  1. Ask what is your managers KPI’s or priorities

Initiate a conversation with your manager about their priorities and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and how you can help or contribute. Express your desire to understand their definition of success and your team’s role in contributing. For instance, you might say, “What are the top three things you’re focusing on right now and how I can help?”

  1. Look for opportunities to work together

Align your skills and resources with your manager’s priorities. Seek collaborative projects, highlighting your manager’s strengths and framing the work as a team effort. Use ‘we’ to emphasise teamwork, and when you succeed, share the recognition with your manager.

  1. Don’t ever say “that’s too hard” or “I can’t”

There’s no such thing as perfect, what counts is your efforts. If your boss gave you a task, they think you can do it.  It is a big pet peeve for the boss to hear “that’s pretty hard for me” or “I don’t know how to do that”.  If you are uncertain, ask for assistance or guidance instead of saying “I can’t” or “It’s too hard”.  Go the extra mile and remember positive thinking is a skill that will help you through this.

  1. Be a Team Player

Your boss probably manages a team, so it helps for you to play nice with your colleagues. Team friction just makes life harder for your boss. So, offer your help, be polite and resist the urge to gossip.

  1. Listen Up

When in meetings with your manager, your biggest job is not to talk, but to listen.  Show respect to your boss or manager by listening and paying attention, make notes and ask questions when your manager gives the opportunity to do so.   

Remember, in the end, don’t ever be confrontational, simply express a desire to be more effective and build a stronger working relationship. If the issue persists and you feel you have done everything you can, approach the HR department or ask a colleague who has a great relationship with your boss to help or to give advice.