Our Story

With a combined 40 years of experience, Annemart and Natalia bring their passion for recruitment, and dedication to building connections, to Recruit for Africa.

We specialise in Hospitality and Retail recruitment across Africa and the Middle East, and pride ourselves on fostering long-lasting relationships with both our clients and aspiring candidates.

Our expertise encompasses all aspects of recruitment, from recruiter management to post-job placement. With a deep understanding of the industry’s nuances, we have created a platform that goes beyond the ordinary.

Join us on this journey where we combine loyalty, respect, and reliability to create unparalleled recruitment experiences.

Embrace the exceptional with Recruit for Africa – your gateway to a thriving future in the world of recruitment.


AnnemartAnnemart Heim

Fresh out of TUT Pretoria with her BA in International Communications in 2006, Annemart jumped headfirst into the world of Retail Marketing. For over eight years, she reigned supreme as a Marketing Manager, running operations at various high-end shopping centres across Pretoria, Worcester, and finally, the prestigious Cape Town International Airport. This epic journey armed her with an intimate understanding of the retail landscape and the crucial role of matching the perfect people to each brand’s unique needs.

In 2012, Annemart discovered her true calling: retail recruitment. This perfect marriage of her passion for people and her retail expertise allows her to recognise talent and recruit seasoned professionals, ensuring they’re the perfect fit for every client.

Annemart’s unique blend of people-centric enthusiasm and sharp industry insights adds a sprinkle of magic to her recruitment approach, making the journey a delight for both candidates and clients.

Contact: [email protected]

NataliaNatalia le Grange

After conquering her Master’s in Human Resources Management in Poland (with recruitment specialisation), Natalia embarked on a quest to unite her academic prowess with her burning passion for hospitality.

This journey began in the electrifying London scene, where Natalia tackled the critical roles of staff recruitment, training initiatives, and orchestrating the smooth openings of new restaurants. She ascended to the coveted position of Area Training Manager, leading the charge for renowned UK high street brands. Throughout this chapter, Natalia honed her skills in bustling, multinational environments, building an impressive resume for her next adventure.

Natalia’s path then led her to sunny South Africa, where she embraced roles as Group Training and HR Manager. It was here that she discovered a hidden talent – a knack for connecting people with their dream jobs. This revelation sparked a fire within her, and she quickly became an ardent champion for facilitating meaningful connections in the recruitment world.

Today, Natalia leverages her diverse experiences and unwavering passion to transform the professional landscape, one perfect match at a time.

Contact: [email protected]

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