Valentines Day already?

February 14, 2024 0 Comments

Hello readers, can you believe it is Valentines Day already?  It feels like the other day we did a year end message to you awesome peeps and now we are already celebrating the month of LOVE. 

Have you heard about “The Love Language”?  Each person has one or two things that is their love language and if you can establish what the love language is of your partner, family member(s), friends or even colleagues you can make sure they always feel loved and appreciated by focussing on their love language and they will do the same with you.  What is yours?

  • Words of affirmation: Verbal expression of love, appreciate, encouragement and recognition.

It might be yours if you like hearing “I love you”, “Thank you”, “Well done”, you thrive when you’re encouraged by others. 

It this sounds like your partner say (and mean) more I love you’s, thank you’s, I am proud of you, and the like.


  • Receiving Gifts: Tangible tokens of love and thoughtfulness

It might be yours if you pride yourself on giving thoughtful gifts, and you most appreciate meaningful gifts from someone.

If this sounds like your partner surprise them with gifts outside of special occasions, bring home their favourite treat, buy or make them gifts that are personal.


  • Quality time: Giving another person your undivided attention.

It might be yours if you make time for others, and you tend to feel disconnected when you don’t spend enough time together.

If this sounds like your partner have date nights, turn off your phones when you’re together, sit together and talk about your days.


  • Physical touch: Connection through appropriate physical touch.

This might be yours if you’re a “touchy-feely” person, you feel most loved when embraced or touched.  

If this sounds like your partner hold hands, give hugs and kisses and be generous with affection and other types of PDA. 


  • Acts of Service: Selfless, thoughtful acts that make a person’s life easier.

This might be yours if you’re happy when someone helps without being asked, actions speak louder than words to you.

If this sounds like your partner make them meals, take on a chore or two around the house, draw them baths. 


Have a wonderful Valentines Month and remember, give without expecting anything in return, love like you have never loved before and dance like no one is watching!