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Remembering your GOALS!

February 23, 2024 0 Comments

The year is in full steam, with Valentines Day behind us and Easter just around the corner.  Most of us had a busy start to the year with February being one of the busiest times for South African tourism, but financially this time of year can be difficult getting over January, the longest month of the year.  This is normally where I remember the goals I put in place for 2024 and realise I haven’t made much effort and time in realising those goals. 

What goals do you have for 2024?  We wanted to share the Recruit for Africa Teams goals for 2024:

Natalia, Director for Hospitality Recruitment says her goal is to try and switch off work when she closes her laptop!

Ever since Covid and lock down a lot of us are still working remotely, and even though it is amazing to sometimes stay in your pjs the entire day, we often struggle to switch of at 5pm and carry on working. 

Annemart, Director for Retail Recruitment says she wants to spend more time outdoors, go to the beach for a swim in the sea, go for hikes and most importantly remember to reduce screen time! 

At a recent conference it was said that the maximum amount of screen time for a person should be 2 hours a day.  Did you know that?  This includes watching TV, checking or posting on any kind of social media platform, watching YouTube or TikTok.  Therefore, any time spent in front of a device.  Scary isn’t it!         

Let’s all try and spend more time playing and laughing with friends and family and less time posting about the time you were laughing and playing on social media.  Work hard, but switch off when its time, and prioritise your tasks for the next day so you can sleep soundly. 

Remember John Lennon said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”